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:.Forklift and Telescopic Forklift.:


The industrial forklift is used in various applications and it's one of the most common types of machines we see at work sites, you may have seen them in the big-box stores, construction sites and farms to help in lifting the straw bales. 

Industrial Uses of Forklifts:
- Industrial forklifts are very useful because of its various applications.
- Move large and heavy loads in a warehouses, ports and railways.
- Used for lifting or lowering goods in many different construction sites, it is practical and suitable for rugged terrain areas.
- Forklift uses its rear-wheel steering, which allows it to turn in a very tight circle. It is good for lifting or lowering goods in many different scenarios.
-The operator has the opportunity to drive in the opposite direction rather than having to take sharp, narrow turns in a warehouse.

فورك لفت